Our clients visit China for the cultural and religious experiences and to witness the vast landscapes throughout the East Asian country.



This must-see Chinese city highlights the country’s ancient culture and history. Be sure to experience the following:

  • Ride a rickshaw (passenger cart) on a tour or to simply get from Point A to Point B
  • Visit the Forbidden City – a palace and precinct in the heart of Beijing, the largest palace complex in the world
  • Explore Tiananmen Square – the largest public square in the world
  • Walk along The Great Wall of China – No visit to China is complete without seeing the views of the sweeping vistas
  • Marvel at the Chinese gardens filled with architecture
  • Yangtze River cruise – add a few days on your land tour to explore China along the river


The greatest attraction in Xian is of course the Terracotta Army. But there is more to this large city that once was one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world when China was a leader in silk trade. While visiting, our Asia Specialists recommend the following:

  • Terracotta Army – you must see the warriors that have been guarding the burial site for over 2,000 years
  • Chinese noodle – making – take a class on making traditional Chinese noodles
  • Visit the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi
  • Experience an ancient music and dance show


As the largest industrial city in China, Shanghai offers plenty for visitors to see and do – from the skyline to the soaring skyscrapers to the temples.

  • Shanghai Museums
  • Jade Buddha Temple
  • Marvel at the exquisite architecture and historic housing
  • Visit a silk factory – learn about the silk-making process
  • Sample Xiaolongbao – Shanghai’s most famous dish (intricate dumplings)


Hong Kong

Another large city, Hong Kong, has incredible skyscrapers and a beautiful harbour with many attractions lining the harbour.

  • Take a ride on the Star Ferry – soak in Victoria Harbour
  • Hong Kong Island tour – fully understand this city and its culture
  • Visit the markets – from trinkets to dried seafood, the markets are a great cultural experience
  • Symphony of Lights Cruise – this display of lights transforms the city
  • Times Square – shop ‘till you drop in this shopping center
  • Visit Chengdu – here you will experience the giant pandas in their natural habitat