Japan is a wonderful country to visit for the cosmopolitan cities, traditional Japanese cultural experiences, Japanese food and the natural wonders, such as Mt. Fuji. A visit in the spring is quite magical to witness the cherry blossoms in full bloom.



Many visitors head to Tokyo to experience the incredible modern architecture and the cosmopolitan skyscraper city. Summer festivals in Tokyo showcase fireworks, parades and carnivals throughout the city. A few not-to-be-missed things to do:

  • Visit Mt. Fuji for the majestic views in Hakone National Park – a train ride away, enjoy a day trip to Hakone to witness Japan’s highest mountain
  • Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony
  • Visit the Meiji Shrine – the magnificent 20th-century Shinto monument set in a man-made forest
  • Calligraphy – take a local calligraphy class with a master calligrapher and learn to write like a local
  • Tokyo Disneyland – explore the 115-acre theme park and soak in the Magic of Disney
  • Embrace a traditional kimono fitting
  • Take your try at a Sumo training
  • Garden Tour – Kenroku-en is one of the greatest gardens in Japan


The former capitol and residence of the emperor for many years is a fantastic stop to see many temples and soak in the history. A few cultural experiences to check out:

  • Japanese cooking class
  • Samurai sword dance experience
  • Half-day tour of Nara – see Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple


Check out Osaka for more incredible Japanese cuisine (don’t miss out on the street food), amazing architecture and the 16th century castle. While visiting, be sure to:

  • Tour the Osaka Castle – the main historical landmark of the city
  • Visit Universal Studios Japan
  • NIFREL museum – explore the biggest aquarium in the world
  • See the open-air museum of old Japanese Farm Houses – thatched-roofs and all