The Value of a Travel Advisor When You’re Staying Home

Along with just about every other aspect of life, travel for business and pleasure across the country and around the world is being affected by the coronavirus known as COVID-19.


Travel has come to a crawl and no one knows for sure when things will return to normal. Some people are optimistically booking plans for later in the year, while others are taking a wait-and-see attitude before planning a trip.


In the midst of all the uncertainty, local travel advisors are fielding questions from their clients about the impact on honeymoons, destination weddings, family reunions, summer vacations, tradeshows, conferences and business trips.


The majority of travel agencies are small businesses, with owners and staff who work on commissions that are paid by suppliers — like airlines, cruise lines, hotels and tour operators — after a trip is taken. Even though their business and livelihood is at stake, at this unprecedented time travel advisors remain committed to responding to each client’s concerns and handling cancellations. The safety of their clients is the top priority for Travel Leaders advisors.


The value of using a travel advisor — having a person who cares on the other end of your email or phone call — is readily apparent at a time when travelers don’t know where else to turn.


If you’re wondering who to talk to as you work through canceling or rescheduling or planning an itinerary, consider these five reasons to use a travel advisor, even if you didn’t originally book your travel with one.


One point of contact for customer care

A travel advisor is your single point of contact for your trip, handling all arrangements with airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, hotels and ground transportation companies.


Expert knowledge

Travel advisors work closely with industry groups and government agencies to ensure that you’re getting accurate and up-to-date information about anything that could affect international or domestic travel.


Good value for your money

Travel advisors have built up relationships with suppliers over many years, giving them in-depth knowledge of everything that goes into a trip. They work hard to provide the very best value in the market, with exclusive rates for the world’s top hotels, cruise lines, airports and tour operators.


Greater trip protection

When it comes to travel insurance, it can be difficult to figure out what you need. Travel advisors can recommend options that will help you protect the financial investment you’ve made in your trip, as well as suggest policies that cover situations like an emergency medical evacuation.


Emergency contact while you’re traveling

The job of your travel advisor doesn’t end once you leave on your trip. No matter where you are in the world, travel advisors are available to answer your questions. Rest assured that you will always have the comfort of knowing that there’s someone who can offer you expert advice.


For help navigating any travel plans, contact your travel advisor or connect with one at Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited.