Travel Risk Management

Solutions to Keep Your Travelers Safe

With all of the uncertainty in the world today, there’s a renewed focus on keeping traveling employees safe. At a minimum, companies are making sure they know when and where their employees are traveling, while other companies are employing more advanced travel risk management solutions. Either way, Travel Leaders Destinations Unlimited has you covered.

CARE Travel Risk Management Platform

CARE gives our clients the powerful assistance and innovative technology needed to keep travelers updated and accounted for worldwide. Powered by our partners at Stabilitas, CARE combines reliable pre-trip risk advisories, global alerts, an interactive traveler dashboard and two-way communication with travelers-all through one integrated platform. Optional services include facilities alerts, mass communication to all employees and emergency response services.

Where Are My Travelers Report

Every day of the year we can distribute a Where Are My Travelers Report to your organization’s risk management team. If an event happens anywhere in the world, you’ll know right away if you have an employee traveling to the affected area. If you discover you have an affected employee, you’ll be able to put your duty of care plan in place immediately.

Duty of Care Plans

What is your plan if you learn that one of your travelers finds themselves in the middle of extreme weather, a terrorist event, or some type of political unrest? Your organization should have a duty of care plan that details what everyone’s responsibility is in such a situation. Your Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited account manager will work with you to help write a duty of care plan that works for your organization’s risk management tolerance.