Traveler Support

Peace of mind and convenience for your most important assets

We understand that a hassle and stress-free travel experience helps your employees have a more productive trip. That is why we provide your travelers and your organization the support and technology required to address any obstacles they may encounter on their journeys.

Tier 2 Support

Sometimes your employees will require assistance outside of regular business hours during the course of their travels. To meet their needs, we offer 24/7/365 tier 2 assistance. Our tier 2 assistance team is comprised of corporate travel agents with access to your travelers’ itineraries and have the ability to make changes to their reservations. Our tier 2 agents will also be familiar with your company’s travel policy in order to help your employees make the best decision when choosing among various trip options.

Click here for a quick reference sheet on our tier 2 offerings.


With our mobile travel solution, CONNECT, your travelers can quickly use text messaging to make or change reservations, receive flight disruptions before they derail a trip, and easily chat with our agent time live.  In short, CONNECT makes travel easy.


When your travelers are on the road, you’ll want to be sure you have a way of notifying them if a critical event takes place in their vicinity, as well as providing them with a quick and easy way to contact your office or a family member if they find themselves in an emergency.  Our CARE travel risk management solution accomplishes this.  Through the CARE mobile app, travelers can receive critical event alerts, communicate with their risk management department, and request assistance.

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