Tools and services to add value and increase the ROI of your travel program

Every aspect of your travel program should be optimized if you want to derive the full value that it’s capable of delivering. To help you accomplish this, we offer the latest in travel management technology and services to capitalize on all latent opportunities.

Vitrual Card Numbers

SecurePay, powered by Conferma, offers one-time cardless payments that are more secure than physical cards allowing limits to be preset for a specific timeframe. Travelers digitally receive the card number, eliminating the need for a corporate or personal card. In addition, reconciliation is automated, freeing up time for your accounting department. Furthermore, your school’s travel coordinators save time not having to send credit card authorization forms.

Program Consultation and Strategy

We understand that your school’s travel program is unique in terms of culture, travelers, goals, needs, stakeholders and technology requirements. We know that in order to fully optimize your travel program, a “one size fits all” approach will not work. We’ll consult with your internal travel program stakeholders to craft a customized program and strategy that will deliver the results you expect.

Continuous Rate Check

With travel suppliers adjusting their rates several times daily, it’s important to be able to monitor those price fluctuations to ensure your travelers always receive the lowest price for their itinerary. With our Continuous Rate Check technology, we monitor all of your travelers’ reservations and if the price drops, we rebook it at the lower cost.

The full potential of your travel program is only possible if your travelers are engaged. That’s why our digital marketing team will consult with you on marketing to your school’s travelers the benefits they receive through the travel program to drive institution-wide adoption. Consideration is taken regarding school culture, communication methods and content.

Policy Compliance

Adherence to your school’s travel policy is key for meeting your cost-savings goals, but sometimes policy compliance can be a challenge. We can work with your team to set alerts during the booking process, whether through the online booking tool or with our advisors, to advise travelers if the bookings are in or out of policy. Furthermore, pre-trip authorizations can be configured to be sent to managers or department leaders for approval of trips outside of the travel policy, as well as reporting that identifies out-of-policy reservations.

Unused Ticket Utilization

Unused airline tickets that aren’t later utilized represent a significant amount of travel spend waste in most schools. Expecting travelers, travel coordinators or departments to keep track of their unused tickets isn’t feasible. So, we offer automated unused ticket tracking that keeps your travelers aware of any outstanding tickets that should be utilized. Unused ticket reports are delivered to your travel manager, while unused ticket messaging is displayed during the online booking process. Furthermore, when reservations are booked through our advisors, they work to utilize the unused tickets, as well.