Analytics and Reporting

Insights to spur action

Visibility reveals savings opportunities. That is why we use the best reporting and analytics tools to give you an in-depth view of your travel program metrics.

Purposeful Reporting

We offer a library of 900+ reports that can provide you with detailed information about your travel program, including supplier spend, average ticket prices, advance purchase summaries and much more. You’ll have a view of your entire institution by college, department/cost center, or all the way down to the individual traveler, if you choose. Reports can be distributed at a schedule of your choosing and ad-hoc reports can be run, as well.

Business Travel Insights

Travel data analytics allow you to drill down further into your travel spend numbers. How does your travel program compare with schools similar to yours? Benchmarking your travel program will tell you that. If 20% more of your travelers booked their airfare 14 days in advance, what would that look like in terms of savings? Our ROI analysis can tell you that in a matter of seconds. Your Travel Leaders / Destinations Unlimited account manager will help you choose the key performance indicators to focus on and provide you with a strategy for meeting your goals. Proactive monitoring of progress toward your goal achievement ensures that you stay on track.