One resource for all of your travel needs

Throughout your hospital facilities, individuals travel for a variety of reasons requiring different reservation processes and support to ensure a successful trip. Our decades of experience managing hospital travel arrangements gives your travelers peace of mind knowing they’re in good hands.

Physicians and Medical Students

From medical students traveling abroad for a fourth year clinical elective to residents and physicians attending conferences and lectures, our advisor teams and online booking solutions provide quick and simple ways to book travel reservations.  Furthermore, for those times when missed connections, weather, or flight cancellations threaten to derail a trip, our 24/7/365 advisor service can step in to help avert a crisis.


Travel Arrangers

Your hospital’s travel arrangers are such an integral part of making sure travel is booked for various departments and individuals that they require efficient booking processes and expert support to ensure successful management of their reservations. Whether working with a department’s administrative services coordinator or the shared services team, we’ll make sure we understand their internal processes and provide the right mix of technology and service to make them successful in their travel arranger role.