Gabrielle Estel

I live to travel. I’ve invested over 4 years of my life living abroad.

I lived in Taiwan and explored Asia. Then, I moved to Egypt and explore the Mediterranean and the Sahara. From living with a host family in Spain as young teenager to honeymooning in Italy, travel has always marked my life milestones. Now I’m back in my Iowan home state to help others plan their own dream experiences across the globe. Travel is my life.

Let me share my life with you.


My husband is my main travel buddy. He’s a history guy; I’m a literature girl. Between the both of us, we have to see every museum, temple, cathedral, statue — you name it!

Over my years of travel, I’ve learned art and culture is more than the highlight real. It’s also exploring a local Greek market, listening to a Korean grandmother describe her love of fan-painting, trying homemade Italian dishes at a rooftop dinner party, having a quiet moment in a café watching uniformed King’s College students rush through Canterbury to their morning classes, bargaining for a brick of tea in China.

These little moments of life are art and culture.


Food is the heart of a country. Food tours are journeys to the heart of a place—and the locals. Local food tour guides know every alley, and cooking instructors always welcome travelers into their family. They’re the best to ask for any last minute recommendations and to have a better understanding of culture through the kitchen. Sometimes the kitchen is the desert, like roasting chicken in Egyptian with a side of koshari. My personal favorite are moon cakes to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival and Scottish eggs in Bath.

Nothing is as engrained in a place as food. It an easy way to experience a place’s every day.


Let’s take the path less traveled.

That path might be a horse ride through the mountains, a dune buggy through the dunes, a hike up an along the spine of a mountain, a gondola ride above the jungle outside Hong Kong, or a peak at North Korea at the DMZ.

Whatever type of heart racing you’re looking for, I can find.