Susan McCoy


For over 40 years I’ve been collecting memories for my essential travel bucket list. Every place I’ve traveled to has its own unique qualities and has left an imprint on my mind. Like the time I woke from my slumber, high up in the trees of my hut in Kenya, to watch a lone elephant grazing peacefully beneath me. Or the time I watched the sunrise, perched atop the cool marble of the Taj Mahal, while the brightly colored women dancing in the River Yamuna rivaled the colors of the morning sky.

Safari game drive with the wildebeest Masai mara reserve in Kenya Africa

I love being able to recreate my adventures for clients. My first hand knowledge allows me the opportunity to paint a distinctive picture of the destinations I sell, for those who wish to retrace my footsteps. Like for instance, my favorite way to view safari is from a hot air balloon. When exploring the fjords of New Zealand, the best vantage point is from a helicopter. There’s no better way to discover the Cape Cod Peninsula than by boat.

It’s so rewarding to be able to share the tidbits I’ve learned throughout my travels, with clients embarking on their own journeys. Those special touches can make an ordinary vacation extraordinary!