Krisi Morris

I specialize in Family, Friends and Leisure.

Get your people together and get ready for fun! When planning my own vacations for trips for clients, by main goal is for it to be seamless and fun! Weather I am planning for a group of friends or a family with wide age ranges, I always make sure there is something for everyone. Balance is very important when traveling so everyone feels there is a little piece of the trip made just for them!

My Travel Specialties

All Inclusive Getaways

What do I love the most about an all-inclusive resort vacation?

A little something for everyone.

Sometimes it’s all about the food. Sometimes it’s a much more about the beach, and sometimes all that really matters is that it is far away from home. With the vast variety of all inclusive…
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Daily Activity Board to keep everyone entertained.

Family Ties

Family travel is wonderful, fun and full of memory making. It is also challenging and time consuming.

Having my own blended family with a large range of ages of children I have learned how to seek out those family fun activities that include everyone from teens to toddlers. I also make sure…
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Girls Trip!

Girls trips are my love language! There is nothing better than getting out of your routine, out of the ordinary and out of town with a group of your girl friends!  One of my favorite parts of the girls trips I have been on is planning ahead,  making that schedule and then just sitting back and sailing…
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Family Leisure Travel Specialist

Let’s go somewhere! I am constantly on the hunt for a new location to visit and love the challenge of clients asking for new destinations. Most of my traveling has been done domestically, but I also have a huge love for the tropics. Planning the trip is as much fun for me as going on the trip! Sometimes…
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