Monica Walters


Whether you’re admiring the sapphire expanse of the sea on a white-sand beach, experiencing the charged atmosphere of city life in an open-air market, or savoring the local catch of the day in a cliff-side taverna, I am here to help make your travel dreams a reality! My adventures have taken me to Greece, Spain, Ireland, England and beyond. My personal favorite countries to explore are those nestled against the Mediterranean.  I have always wanted to be a part of the travel industry as I feel travel has the ability to spark the imagination and connect people from all walks of life in a way no other avenue can. I would be pleased to help design any journey on your wish list! Even if I haven’t had the opportunity to visit a location–Mediterranean or otherwise–I have the resources and the drive to find the answers and help you create lasting memories in a one of a kind destination.

Santorini Island in Greece

A view of Santorini Island in Greece.