Quiz: Are you on the brink of burnout?

Are you already on the brink of burnout? Find out in 30 seconds by answering below.

Q1. I do not get enough hours of quality sleep.

Q2. I either lose my appetite or reach for an unhealthy food option to cope with stress.

Q3. I feel overwhelmed at the thought of adding exercise to my schedule.

Q4. Lately I’ve fired off emails that I regret.

Q5. I forget to stop and celebrate the small victories as I’m always onto the next thing.

If you answered YES to more than 2 of the above questions your fight-or-flight response is in a constant state of readiness. That means, it’s time for a Wellness Vacation!

What is a wellness vacation?

A wellness vacation recharges your whole body allowing you to sleep better, be less anxious, and give you the power to make better choices toward a healthier, more present way of living. Picture yourself waking up with a view of a lush green rice field as the sun streams in your window. After an outdoor shower, sit for breakfast and enjoy local, organic, fresh-brewed coffee and tropical fruits you didn’t even know existed. Spend the morning with an expert guide meeting local artisans who teach you their craft while you sit and enjoy a cup of tea. Before bed receive a private relaxation session under the stars which promotes deep sleep. Wake the next morning happy, grounded, worry-free.


Are you ready to start packing? Whether it’s Bali or Costa Rica, India or Japan, I can help you create your wellness travel vision in 2019. Just ask us how we can help or visit here for more information on our wellness travel.