Visiting England is especially convenient for European travel since English is the official language. England is a very popular location for families looking to learn more about their heritage.

Stone Henge England


As the capital of England, London offers visitors a wide range of activities – from sightseeing to shopping to art to afternoon tea service. London is the most populated city but you can stay as busy or as relaxed as you like. With so many places to see, you are likely to be quite busy in London. A few places not to miss:

  • Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament (Palace of Westminster)
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Paul’s Cathedral
  • ‘Big Ben’ beside Thames River
  • Shopping on Oxford Street
  • 900+ year old Tower of London
  • Hyde Park and Kensington Palace

Travel to England

What to Do

  • Visit the prehistoric monument Stonehenge in Wiltshire
  • Check out the university city of Oxford
  • Enjoy afternoon tea throughout the United Kingdom
  • Visit the historic and idyllic English landscapes in the villages of the Cotswolds

Whether it’s your first time or tenth vacation to England, our England specialists are eager to help you plan your British vacation.